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THE MIRASIERRA COUNTER opens its doors in September. We wanted to create a concept that adapts to the needs of our neighbors, offering an agile and comfortable service. We are very proud of our work and we are looking forward to sharing it with all of you

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A dream come true

THE COUNTER is the result of many years observing and analyzing my environment. Millions of impacts and ideas that intersect and give rise to projects as beautiful as this one. 

With this new concept I want our customers to enjoy a highly cared for "fast food" model. We have taken into account every detail, both in decoration and in our kitchen, offering a balanced offer, perfect for everyday life.


Our family has dedicated our entire life, body and soul, to this wonderful sector. 

THE MIRASIERRA COUNTER is my first solo step. A little brother to the two giants where I grew up: El Jamón and El Churrasco and Bella Anna.

For this project I have had the unconditional support of my wife, Angela, who has helped me organize my ideas and achieve my objectives. 

This goes for all of you who have believed in me.

Let the counter begin!

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